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About LPG

filling up with lpgToday's alternative to petrol and diesel is LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). LPG is produced as a by-product of oil production. In the past it has been considered waste and burnt off, remember seeing the flames on the top of north sea oil platforms? That was LPG! It is a mixture of propane and butane and is often called auto gas. The simple chemical make-up of the gases ensures that they are clean burning and so more environmentally sound than petrol and diesel. There are over 9 million drivers worldwide using LP Gas and in the UK numbers are increasing as more motorists learn of the benefits.Filling up with LPG At the LPG pumpLPG dispensers look and operate much like a normal petrol or diesel pump. You use a bayonet-type connection that locks on to the LPG filling point on the car, and then pushes a button to start the flow of gas from the dispenser to the vehicle. It's very easy to use, quick, clean and safe, when you have filled the tank, you release the button on the pump, squeeze the trigger to release the catch and a small whoosh of gas (makes you jump the first few times!) happens as the tank reseals itself.If you run out of LPG then at the flick of a switch you can drive on petrol as you still have a petrol tank as well.

Normally the LPG car starts from cold on petrol, Filling up with LPGand after 30 to 60 seconds the LPG will automatically switch over , so a little petrol in the tank is needed. However, when you start filling up with LPG you will be loathed to buy filling up with lpgmore petrol than you absolutely have to (I’ve managed six months before I needed to put £5 worth of petrol in my LPG Ford Focus!)Kind to cars LPG powered cars have reduced engine wear because LPG burns cleaner than petrol because it is 100% octane. Any car can run on high (5*) octane fuel without modification, infact many problems with engines today are related to the lower octane fuels available. Using LPG means less emissions and less carbon deposits in the engine. The oil and spark plugs will last longer, and all LPG cars run quieter and smoother.Kind to wallets....To fill the LPG tank will cost around £24.00...(at 50p a litre) which in an Astra will take you 300 miles !!As well as 50 pence a litre, the road tax is less too, for instance a 1.6 LPG Vauxhall Astra costs £125.00 for 12 months Road tax.

When it comes to car insurance, LPG cars don't cost more to insure either. So, this fuel offers benefits for motorists in a variety of areas.

LPG Emissions

Compared to Petrol

* 75% Less carbon monoxide
* 85% Less hydrocarbons
* 40% Less oxides of nitrogen
* 87% Less ozone

Compared to Diesel
* 90% Less particulates, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide
* 50% Less oxides of nitrogen
* It takes over 120 LPG cars to equal
the fine particles produced by one equivalent diesel car!!

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14/09/19 nicest people ever. Found Eco-cars a while ago,mind made up spoke to owner Jonathon Porterfield. After discussing my needs came up with what he thought was best for me. A peugeot I-on/ citroen C zero/ Mitsubishi I-Meav. Spoke price and he agreed to source one for me. A short time later he'd found one just the right price plenty of pictures so we agreed terms and delivery, she was mine. Arranged delivery with his usuall shipper Alex. Spoke to him to arrange a date and time and waited. The day came Alex and his son came with my new transport, a nicer person you couldn't wish to meet,nice must run in the EV community. Had her a while now and I'm very happy,easy to use public chargers as I don't have a drive a must, and most of which are free in my area, even better. So having spoken to Jonathon several times he's always happy to put your mind at ease. So in conclusion I can't recommend Eco-cars and Jonathon enough I'm a convert and a regular customer. If your in two minds Eco-cars is for you
Fred , London

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