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Used Electric Cars For Sale

Below you can find our range of Electric cars for sale. When you buy from us we give you the time to explain how great EV's are. If you don't see the car you're looking for here, don't worry, we can find a wide range of electric vehicles and help arrange delivery anywhere within the UK.

VW Golf
electric car sold by eco cars
VW Golf - £from 19,495
Model: e Golf
Transmission: auto
Colour: any
Mileage: from around 6000 mil
Registered: Oct 2019
We can buy to order VW e Golf's. These are the 35.8Kwh sized battery ev's and good for 120-130 miles range. NO battery lease to pay too , outright ownership.we buy these to o...
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electric cars for sale
Buy to order
electric car sold by eco cars
Buy to order - £ 5500 and up !
Model: any !
Transmission: auto
Colour: Any colour
Mileage: any
Registered: any
Most of the EV's we supply never appear on this web site. We buy to order so we can keep the costs low ,so YOU the customer save ���'s Please contact me with your bud...
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electric cars for sale
Nissan Leaf
electric car sold by eco cars
Nissan Leaf - £sold
Model: 24kWh 6.6 Acenta
Transmission: auto
Colour: Red
Mileage: 8600
Registered: Jan 2016
Another great Nissan leaf bought to order for our Orkney customer, It had to be in budget ,and in Red ! we met the customers requirements after 4 weeks of searching. if you'd...
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electric cars for sale
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what people are saying

19/05/22 They are a keeper! My son bought his first EV from Eco cars. It was easy, they took all the hard work out of it. They are experts in EV. Good pre-purchase advice. Great after sales care. I will use them again without hesitation. They have an excellent reputation in EV circles, with good reason. If they don't know the answer to an EV question - they know someone who does.
Julian P Leeds

used electric cars for sale
used electric car find out more...
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